Favorite Texas supermarket rolls out $5 curbside pick-up to select Houston shoppers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Although we are sometimes loath to admit it, what we eat is more often than not determined out of pure laziness. But recently, while looking over the hundreds of dollars we have spent on delivery and impromptu dinners - not to mention the stack of unread Bon Appétit copies gathering dust on our coffee table - we decided we are going to start cooking more at home.

But we know ourselves. Braving the grocery store aisles is rarely a winning proposition after a long day at work, especially when there's a P. Terry's drive-thru right next door. And since we are trying to save money, using a shopping delivery service doesn't makes sense either. What we need is a middle ground.

Luckily, H-E-B has now answered our call with the H-E-B Curbside service, an alternative to apps like Instacart. The service is simple.

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