Calorie Count: How much you are expected to take in during Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl calorie count for drinking (KTRK)

Millions of people around the country are expected to eat and drink big for the big game.

Super Bowl Sunday is like Thanksgiving for sports fans. You eat. You drink. And you watch football.

But do you realize how many calories you are putting into your body?

We are breaking it down for you.

A fried, buffalo chicken wings pack is about 100 calories per wing. A baked, plain wing will cut the calories to only 43 per wing.

Pizza can also vary. A slice of cheese pizza typically has 270 calories. If you make it a supreme, the calorie count jumps to more than 300 a slice.

Tortilla chips can also add up. Ten tortilla chips have about 145 calories.

If you are watching what you eat, a one-cup bowl of chili only has about 214 calories, before the cheese and other add-ons, of course.

If you plan on drinking, be aware of how many calories come in one bottle of beer.

If you drink just one bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager each quarter of the game, you'll be drinking a total of 720 calories.

If you're a margarita person, you're looking at 612 calories for the whole game.

How about liquor? A 10-ounce Jack Daniels with a Coke is 780 calories.

We, of course, encourage you to drink responsibly.

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