Ronnie Killen to open new restaurant inside the Loop in old Hickory Hollow building

HOUSTON, Texas -- Hickory Hollow may have closed its location at 101 Heights Blvd., but the building that housed the beloved restaurant will continue to serve legendary chicken fried steaks. They'll just be served by one of Houston's most acclaimed chefs.

Ronnie Killen, Houston's king of meat, has leased the property from local real estate developer Braun Enterprises for a new concept he's simply calling Killen's. It will be the chef's first restaurant within the Loop and his second inside the Houston city limits. Over the weekend, Killen floated the possibility of opening a restaurant in the space on social media; in actuality, he's had his eye on the property for months and completed the deal on Friday.

Unlike his other restaurants, no three letter suffix is required to explain the concept. Instead, Killen's will consolidate under one roof the Southern-style comfort food that has been present at all of his restaurants in various forms. Whether it's the fried shrimp that have always been one of the best dishes at Killen's Steakhouse, the chicken fried steak that's a favorite on the dinner menu at Killen's Barbecue, or the brisket enchiladas that are a customer favorite at Killen's TMX, they'll all have a home at Killen's.

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Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!