McDonald's unveiling 'Big Mac ATM' today

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Big Mac ATM serves up burges in Boston (KTRK)

The future of fast food has arrived and it has nothing to do with the menu! McDonald's has created a "customized digital Big Mac ATM" at a Boston location. Today, the high-tech vending machine will dispense Big Macs - at no charge.

The Boston Globe reports that the lunch isn't exactly free. To get a Mac Jr. or a Grand Mac - both new sizes - customers will have to enter their Twitter handles on the machine's touchscreen. The machine will generate a tweet from their personal account that reads: "Check out the new Big Mac."

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McDonald's says the machine is being used primarily as a marketing tool, not the first step toward employee-free McDonald's restaurants.

Debate about labor automation has escalated nationwide in recent years as fast-food workers and unions have campaigned for a $15-an-hour minimum wage - successfully in some cases, although increases will be phased in over years.

The burger ATM will require some humans. The burgers will be loaded into it by actual people. For now, at least.
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