Indian and Pakistani market offer up mouthwatering goodness

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Rebecca Spera takes a closer look at Rani's World Foods.

If you love Indian and Pakistani food, Rani's World Foods in Northwest Houston is the place to be. Between the market and restaurant at Rani's World Foods, and the teamwork of Owner Suneel Chander and his wife, Anu, you're sure to leave satisfied.

Suneel is no stranger to running a grocery store.

"My parents actually opened up the first Indian grocery store in Los Angeles, so I kind of grew up in the business," says Chander.

He moved to Houston and opened Rani's World Foods nine years ago.

"This is kind of like our dream store," he adds.

Suneel handles the merchandising and ordering of the market - one with lots of produce and prepared dishes.

"We have 30 doors of frozen foods. We have samosas. Chicken curry you can pick up. We have an enormous selection of naan breads," says Suneel.

One of his favorite buys makes a perfect snack.

"It's our Bengal Spiced Chutney. It's a mango chutney with onion seeds, cumin, chili," says Suneel.

He keeps Rani Peanut Laddu right near the register because it's irresistible.

"It's basically like a peanut brittle. It's an Indian molasses sugar, so it gives it a different flavor than other peanut brittle that you've had before," Suneel explains.

Another store favorite is the sugar-coated fennel.

"It freshens breath. Fennel helps aid in digestion, too, so it has a medicinal property as well," says Suneel

The other half of Rani's is Suneel's wife Anu.

Anu manages the kitchen and says their vegan Chana Bhatura is a must-try. It's basically a gigantic piece of fried dough that you rip off and scoop into a curry.

One of their most popular dishes is their loaded samosa.

And for a sweet Indian treat, try jalebi.

"Jalebi is a street snack. It's sweet. It's made fast. We use it as celebratory," says Anu.

She continues, "It's basically like a pancake batter that's dropped in the oil, then they dip in sugar syrup."

Rani's World Foods also has a beauty salon, too, so you can pamper yourself in more ways than one when you go there.


Rani's World Foods
16711 Hollister St
Houston, TX 77066

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