Iconic Luby's dish to be sold at H-E-B

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- When you think of the food at Luby's, a couple of iconic dishes come to mind - the chicken fried steak, mac and cheese and the fried fish, also known as the square fish.

Last year, H-E-B announced the store would be selling the mac and cheese, and now customers can buy the fish. All you would need is another side dish and a roll, and it would be a complete LuAnn platter.

According to Luby's, H-E-B will start carrying the fried fish in the frozen section this week, which will cost $7.95 for two filets.

Luby's fans react to fried fish news:

"My kids will love this via HEB now! We already do the Mac N Cheese," Dana L. wrote.

"OMG! OMG! My son will be delighted," Trish W. said.

"My life is complete now," Kevin L. wrote along with a photo of the fried fish.

"Can you bring up to Iowa too? My favorite fried fish ever! Get it every time I'm visiting family back home in the great state of Texas," Abby Cortez wrote.

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