Here's how to create a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Who doesn't love and ooey-gooey grilled cheese? April was national grilled cheese month, but we don't need a food holiday to celebrate one of our favorite comfort classics.

To help us put a grown-up spin on this kiddie classic, we recruited a couple of Houston's most acclaimed chefs to come up with their own creative grilled cheese recipe. They also shared some tips for creating restaurant-worthy grilled cheese in your own kitchen.

Chef Ben McPherson's "Kimchi Grilled Chee"

Chef Ben McPherson of Prohibition Supper Club and Bar created "Kimchi Grilled Chee" - a playful grilled cheese recipe using sourdough loaf, redneck cheddar, bacon, kimchi (a Korean fermented cabbage), and mayonnaise. Ben's top three tips for creating grilled cheese at home?

  1. Use a cheddar variety - cheddar cheese will create a gooey, "pulley" consistency.
  2. Use sourdough bread to add extra flavor to the sandwich.
  3. Use mayonnaise to add sauciness.

Chef Austin Simmons' "Texas Toast Grilled Cheese"

Chef Austin Simmons of Hubbel & Hudson Bistro created "Texas Toast Grilled Cheese" - a thick sandwich, filled with pork belly, seasoned with salt and pepper, and packed with three different cheeses (American, cheddar, and goat cheese). Austin recommends adding the goat cheese right before sealing the sandwich to keep it becoming to runny or separated. His top tips?
  1. Toast both sides of both pieces of bread.
  2. Before closing the sandwich, put the slices of bread and cheese in the oven at 350 for about a minute. This will melt the cheese without over-toasting the bread.
  3. Add salt and pepper to the inside of your sandwich to season it.

Triangle or rectangle cut? Both chefs prefer slicing the sandwiches into triangles rather than rectangles. So, whether you are a kid (or a kid at heart), you will love diving into your own one-of-a-kind warm, toasty grilled cheese sandwich.
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