Houston restaurant group supporting NAACP by donating proceeds

HOUSTON, TX (KTRK) -- Houston restaurant group Goodnight Hospitality is hoping to make a difference at a time when calls for social change are growing.

Throughout the month of June, the group is donating proceeds from all pizza sold at Rosie Cannonball and every bottle of June's Rosé sold at Montrose Cheese & Wine to the NAACP.

"Based on our revenue, I would hope to give $10,000 at last," said Goodnight Hospitality partner June Rodil.

"I think as business owners, we don't ever forget the bottom line, but with it in mind, how can we make an effort toward something that is important?" said Felipe Riccio, also a Goodnight Hospitality partner. "And the pandemic was important and it continues to be, but now this is also very, very important to be able to do something about it. We're both minorities, so it's very important for us to support those movements."

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