MORE THAN INDULGING: Here are the most common uses of chocolate

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MORE THAN INDULGING: Here are the most common uses of chocolate (KTRK)

From boxes of candy to cake, chocolate has provided people with taste buds an opportunity to indulge.

But, did you know you can use the pliable good for more than tasting.

From aesthetics to homeopathy, here are the most common uses for chocolate.


This is arguably the most common use. High-end restaurants especially will seek out ways to draw their clientele. Why not using chocolate for aesthetics?

Of course, when we think of influencing chocolate into a certain form, we commonly think bunnies at Easter time.

Still, it takes some very talented artists to manipulate a block of solid chocolate to replicate things like Michelangelo's "David."


There have been instances throughout history when chocolate was used for medical purposes.

For instance, cacao powder has been incorporated in water for therapy.

However, like most things that can be pleasing, medical chocolate was best used in moderation.

Lip balm

You can thank chocolate for your smooth lips.

It turns out an ingredient in chocolate is commonly used in popular lip balms. Petroleum jelly also gets its most effective qualities in chocolate.

After all, how else did Hershey's coin the name for its Kisses?

Body paint

Chocolate can be messy, and spas count on that characteristic when rejuvenating skin.

With a dip of melted chocolate, spa therapists use brushes to cover clients, counting on the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate to prevent wrinkles and sun damage.

Fake blood

Blood spatters in old Hollywood horror films used Bosco chocolate syrup for their gory effects.

Movies like "Psycho" and "Night of the Living Dead" used the brand.

In addition, imaginative Halloween celebrants can use a recipe for a dash of realism for parties.


It is one of the most tradable goods in the world, and it was once used as a valuable trading item.

Indigenous cultures have used it for currency, and chocolate has been used in modern fair trade, albeit in low prominence.

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