Go! Go! Curry! brings Japanese curry and more to Chinatown

Photo: James R./Yelp

A new spot to score Japanese curry and more has made its debut in the neighborhood. Called Go! Go! Curry!, the fresh addition is located at 9889 Bellaire Blvd., Suite C-317, in Chinatown's Dun Huang Plaza. The chain originates from Japan and has outposts around the United States. This is its first foray into Houston.

It serves curry, which is a Japanese comfort food. You can either create your own curry dish, or order from its premade meals. These meals include chicken katsu, sausage, the Original, the Home Run, the Grand Slam and the World Champion. (See the full menu here.)

With a four-star rating out of 20 reviews on Yelp so far, Go! Go! Curry! seems to be a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Mai Thao N., who reviewed it on October 24, wrote, "What a great meal of Japanese curry. I highly recommend getting the signature dish katsu (pork or chicken). The portion is pretty big for one person in my opinion. The katsu was still very crunchy when I got it, the pork meat is soft and very juicy! It is great they were able to keep it juicy inside, not dry like other places."

Yelper Maggi W. added, "I had the pork curry and I enjoyed it a lot. The curry was really rich with a slight kick to it. The katsu pork was fried to perfection and super crispy. The combination can be too rich, but that's where the shredded cabbage comes in handy to clean the pallet."

Swing on by to take a peek for yourself: Go! Go! Curry! is open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.
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