Eats, treats and more: Check out the 4 newest businesses to debut in Houston

Twisted Love. | Photo: Sophia L./Yelp

Looking to discover the newest businesses to open in Houston? From a bistro diner to a rolled ice cream parlor, read on for a list of the newest spots to arrive near you.

The Classic

5922 Washington Ave., Memorial Park
Photo: Kevin G./Yelp

The Classic is a diner that serves modern American cuisine. Though it occupies the former Benjy's location that closed down last year, it's still owned by restaurateur Benjy Levit.

It serves an all-day menu, plus breakfast options in the morning. On the menu, offerings include the Brown Sugar Salmon with beets, ginger calamari, marcona almonds and smoked yogurt; the Pork & Eggs sandwich with pepper jam, Gruyere and aioli on an English muffin; and the Crispy Rice Salad with poached egg, fish sauce and fresh herbs. (See that menu here.)

For breakfast, you'll find the H-Town (veggie scramble, bacon, bagel and feta schmear) and the Kaya Toast (coddled eggs, coconut jam, chorizo and cultured butter). (See all the breakfast options here.)

The diner has received a warm welcome thus far with a four-star Yelp rating based on seven reviews.

Yelper Vincent V., who reviewed the new restaurant on Aug. 11, wrote, "I thought I was going to miss my weekend breakfast at Benjy's, but The Classic is a worthy replacement in the same location. While the menu is more compact than its predecessor's, everything on it looks (and so far tastes) great."

Mc D. noted, "I had the H-Town, which was suggested by my server. It's an egg scramble with vegetables, a side of bacon and a bagel. The food quality is first rate. The bacon was delicious and perfectly cooked."

Swing on by to take a peek for yourself: The Classic is open from 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Izakaya Hi

12637 Westheimer Road, Suite 140, West Oaks
Photo: Eunice K./Yelp
Izakaya Hi is a Japanese pub that has small and large private karaoke rooms available.

On the menu, look for dishes like the tonkatsu curry (with pork cutlet and Japanese curry), the Bulgogi Burger (a Korean grilled beef burger), the cold soba noodles (Korean spicy seafood noodle soup), the chicken teriyaki, sushi rolls and more. (See the menu here.)

With nine reviews on Yelp thus far, Izakaya Hi currently has a five-star rating, indicating good reviews.

Yelper Tuyen V., who visited the new spot on Aug. 7, wrote, "Great food, great service and nice decor. What more could you possibly want? The prices are very reasonable for Japanese cuisine. There are a lot of varied items on the menu. I really enjoyed the soba cold noodles. The bulgogi burger was amazing! And huge!"

Heejung L. noted, "The owners make you feel right at home and very welcomed! The service is top notch, way better than other places nearby. The food portions are large and decorated beautifully! I love coming here to wind down with some shrimp udon noodles and cold sake."

Izakaya Hi has yet to post its hours online.

Twisted Love

9889 Bellaire Blvd., Suite E205, Sharpstown
Photo: Shahir A./Yelp

Twisted Love offers Vietnamese-style soft serve creations. According to Eater Houston, the new spot, located in Dun Huang Plaza, features ingredients that the owner, Tina Chau, grew up eating in Vietnam.

The soft serve menu has flavors like matcha, ube, black sesame and durian, among others. It then creates twists, such as I Love You So Match (matcha soft serve, red beans, Rice Krispies, matcha, Kit-Kat, Pocky sticks and cake crumbs) or the Black Spotted Cow (black sesame soft serve, Oreo cookies, toasted almonds and black dust).

Twisted Love has 23 reviews on Yelp, which gives it a four-star rating thus far.

Cathy P., who was the first Yelper to review the new spot on Aug. 3, wrote, "Specializing in more unique Asian flavors, this mom-and-pop shop will have you craving more! ... I tried every single flavor: durian, black sesame, watermelon, matcha, Fruity Pebbles and ube! They have different flavor cones too! My favorite is the ube and black sesame, but all their flavors are on point."

Debra K. added, "Family owned and super friendly. Stayed open for my friend and I to get there. Let us try some samples in little sample cups. The decor is cute with neon signs perfect for capturing a picture with your ice cream cone. Ice cream was good too."

Head on over to check it out: Twisted Love is open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and from 11 a.m.-midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Chills 360

907 Westheimer Road, Montrose
Photo: Shahir A./Yelp

Chills 360 is a Dallas-based chain that has several other locations across Texas. The new spot, decorated with a giant mural of a unicorn and rainbows, creates custom rolled ice cream creations.

You can make your own or order a pre-made item off the menu, including the Monkey Business (banana and Nutella), the Hangover (coffee and Kit Kat) and the Pinky Promise (strawberry and graham crackers).

With a 4.5-star rating out of 12 reviews on Yelp so far, Chills 360 has already made a good impression.

Marcela F., who was the first to review the new spot on Aug. 4, said, "Very good! My first experience with rolled ice cream and it was very interesting watching them make your ice cream from scratch. The owners were there and were super nice and took their time really building and decorating your ice cream. It also had easy parking."

Yelper Diana S. added, "Delicious ice cream! This is the first time I've ever tried rolled ice cream and it won't be my last! The ice cream is made on the spot and the process is a cool thing to watch. The ice cream itself is creamy and rich."

Head on over to check it out: Chills 360 is open from 1 p.m.-1 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, and 1 p.m.-2:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.
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