Burgers, barbecue and bites: Get to know 6 of Houston's newest food trucks

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Guide to Houston's best food trucks (KTRK)

Want to check out the newest food trucks in Houston? You're in luck: we've found the freshest businesses to fill the bill. Here are the newest places to check out the next time you're in search of a food truck near you.

Tasty Sandwich

2802 Old Spanish Trail, Astrodome Area
Photo: tasty sandwich/Yelp

Tasty Sandwich is a food truck offering sandwiches and Mediterranean dishes.

The quick-serve eatery touts its high-quality Mediterranean sandwiches on its website, complete with colorful photos of its offerings. On the menu, look for chicken or beef shawarma in a wrap or over rice, quesadillas, lamb gyro and a falafel sandwich wrapped with pickles, hummus and tahini.

Yelp users are still warming up to Tasty Sandwich, which currently holds 3.5 stars out of three reviews on the site.

Yelper Tasha T., who reviewed Tasty Sandwich on March 28th, wrote: "Love this place! I went there yesterday on my lunch back for the 1st time and ordered the #10 -- it was so good I had to come back today and get it again!"

Jay A., who was the first Yelper to review the new spot on March 25th, said: "We just ordered chicken shawarma and Philly cheesesteak combos and they were delicious. It was served with seasoned fries (super yummy), coleslaw and pickled veggies. Service was great and the food truck was clean. They also have complimentary self-serve hot tea while you wait."

Tasty Sandwich is open daily from 10 a.m.-3 a.m.

Pearl's House

2626 Fountain View Dr., Greater Uptown
Photo: Jeff a./Yelp

Pearl's House specializes in an assortment of flavorful burgers and other concoctions, such as a shrimp po' boy with smoked boudin, andouille sausage and cajun cream sauce -- all made with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Pearls House currently holds a solid five stars out of five reviews on Yelp, indicating good reviews.

Stephanie S. noted: "So good! We just tried Pearl's House for the first time and were blown away. So fresh, so tasty. And the owner/chef was super friendly. The burgers were the bomb -- everyone loved the pretzel bun. We will be looking for Pearl's everywhere from now on!!"

Yelper Tommy L. wrote: "Really good burger! Grind is perfect! Holds together and stays juicy. High ooze Factor and all toppings were equally blended so nothing over matched anything else. "

Pearl's House is open Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday from 11 a.m.-11:45 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. (It's closed on Sunday-Tuesday.)


3801 Audley St., Greenway / Upper Kirby Area
Photo: coffee-q/Yelp
Coffee-Q is a unique spot that offers not only coffee and tea, but barbecue as well.

This food truck is "the intersection of the two distinct yet hallowed sacraments of coffee and barbecue: the scene to break the night-time fast and sip the morning brew," the business writes on its website.

The unique concept comes from two friends, Julio Arevalo and Chris Miguel, who teamed up to offer brisket and pulled pork panini and tacos along with Vietnamese cold brew and latte. (You can check out the full menu here.)

Coffee-Q's current rating of five stars out of six reviews on Yelp indicates positive attention from users.

Yelper Saad K., who was one of the first users to visit Coffee-Q on April 17th, wrote: "The brisket in the taco was high-end barbecue joint quality, not some afterthought. The coffee was excellent, and if you like creamy cold brew coffees, this is your spot. Highly recommend this food truck!"

Kristin Goodson A. noted: "If you haven't had the chance to try this place you are missing out! They are new, still sorting locations out, but their coffee is delectable and brisket is phenomenal."

Coffee-Q is open weekdays from 7 a.m.-noon. (It's closed on weekends.)

Willow's Texas BBQ

1005 W. 19th St., The Heights
Photo: willow's texas bbq/Yelp

Willow's Texas BBQ serves up fresh barbecue fare in a semi-permanent spot outside the Big Star Bar, with pit masters Willow Villarreal and Jasmine Barela at the grill.

On the menu, expect to see plates with up to four barbecue options like brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork and sausage served with a choice of two sides, along with bread, pickles, onions and jalapenos. Other items include loaded baked potatoes or smoked vegan chili. (You can take a look at the full menu here.)

Yelp users are excited about Willow's Texas BBQ, which currently holds five stars out of 16 reviews on the site.

Yelper Adrian F., who was among the first Yelpers to review the new spot on February 17th, said: "Finally made it here. The brisket was very moist flavorful. Good bark, good smoke. The turkey is equally great -- very moist. The barbecue sauce is really good, even though the meat did not need it."

Yelper James S. added: "This little food truck is the best-kept secret in the Heights. I had the two meat platter, turkey with brisket, and potato salad; it was phenomenal. I will definitely definitely go back -- this is the type of place that once you try it, you're hooked."

Willow's Texas BBQ is open Thursday-Sunday from 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

Spicy Dog

3224 Yoakum Blvd., Neartown/Montrose
Photo: jamie t./Yelp

Spicy Dog is a food truck and Asian fusion spot, offering over-the-top hot dogs and more.

The owner, Oh Peou, is a co-founder of Spicy Dog who has followed a family tradition; his parents own a food truck in Philadelphia, Houstonia reports.

A variety of unique Asian-inspired hot dog options are available, all of which are made with 100 percent beef on a lobster roll bun and served with garlic butter cream cheese spread, caramelized onions, Japanese mayo, spicy mayo and fried shallots. (A full menu is available here.)

With a 4.5-star rating out of 14 reviews on Yelp, Spicy Dog has been getting positive attention.

Yelper Ngoc B., who reviewed Spicy Dog on April 8th, wrote: "Fusion-style gourmet hot dogs, a few different style fries -- my favorite is the truffle fries! -- that are cooked to the perfect crisp, and the most incredible bop balls topped with the spicy sauce. They've also added a few things I can't wait to try! Be sure to visit, leave a cool note on the trailer, and talk to the friendliest team ever!"

Yelper Jamie T. wrote: "Pretty good! I enjoyed my 'crazy dog!' Hot dog lovers should definitely check this place out."

Spicy Dog is open Monday-Thursday from 3 p.m.-10 p.m., Friday from 3 p.m.-3 a.m., and Saturdays from 9:30 p.m.-3 a.m. (Closed Sundays.)

Victorian's Barbecue

1114 W. 18th St., Greater Heights
Photo: victorian's barbecue/Yelp

Victorian's Barbecue is a food truck offering an array of delicious barbecue food with a variety of flavor combinations.

This new spot is a barbecue food truck that was previously located in Cypress. After a recent move to the Heights, it offers a choice of meats, including tri-tip, Texas brisket, pulled pork and sausage.

There's also the option to have sandwiches with your choice of meat, topped with pickles and onions, as well as a "monster baked potato" with your choice of meat, butter, sour cream, cheese and barbecue sauce. Sides include potato salad and vinegar-based Texas coleslaw.

With a five-star rating out of three reviews on Yelp, Victorian's Barbecue has been getting positive attention.

Yelper Adam G., who was one of the first users to visit Victorian's Barbecue on December 14th, wrote: "I've driven by this unassuming meat wagon everyday for the past month. Today I decided to stop. Great decision. Ordered a brisket sandwich (wet) and potato salad. As a barbecue Puritan, I must say that the brisket was perfectly smoked--melt-in-your-mouth tender."

Rikki A. noted: "Great food and great service. I got the brisket baker and the brisket was juicy and tender. No skimping on the meat at this joint. I also got the rib plate, and the ribs were tender and moist."

Victorian's Barbecue is open Thursday-Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. (It's closed on Sunday-Wednesday.)
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