FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Al pastor flavored ice cream rolls

Tacos and ice cream are two types of foods people love, but what if you mashed it together and made taco ice cream?

A video shared by El Diario Mexicano shows the making of what is being called the "perfect mix" of an al pastor flavored ice cream roll.

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The process begins with a taco al pastor as the key ingredient. The taco is first seasoned with some lime, then mixed with the cream and is completely chopped down, topped off with some tajin and completely rolled up together, creating the savory treat.

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That is not the only ice cream creation, an ice cream shop in Mexico named Que Rollo has been gaining attention over its own flavor creations: one including the Mazapan.

Que Rollo has stated that they make their ice cream any flavor the client requests.

But, what do you think of the al pastor flavored creation? Would you try it?
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