This delicious, new food hall trend is taking over Houston

HOUSTON, Houston (KTRK) -- You may have noticed all the food halls popping up around Houston.

Sierra Fitzgerald, the general manager of the brand new "Politan Row" in Rice Village describes the trend best.

"If you used to go to the mall and hang in the food court as a kid, but now you're a grown up and you have grown up tastes," explained Fitzgerald.

Chefs and restaurant owners are choosing to open small stalls because they're less risky than full-blown restaurants.

Plus, customers love the trend because they to choose from so many options.

"I love that you don't have to choose," expressed Fitzgerald. "When you go out with your friends, there's always, 'Well, I'm a vegan' or 'I want something spicy,' or you know, 'I could really just go for some sushi now.' And no matter what, none of your friends have to choose."

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Did someone say food?! Houston food lovers, unite!
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