Houston woman says 87-year-old mom prayed for plumbers to help her

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston family said heaven sent them help when they needed it the most, calling a group of Florida plumbers their angels.

Caprina Trotter said her 87-year-old mother Ursula Gross' pipes burst during the winter storm. Gross is homebound and on hospice. Trotter said she could not find a plumber, let alone afford the repairs.

Trotter reached out to Ecclesia Houston, where she said her prayers were answered.

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"I got on my knees. I prayed. I asked God, 'Please give me the answer because Mom is about to give up.' She felt so defeated and so did I," said Trotter. "She called me back and she said, 'I have some guys that drove from Orlando, Florida from Cocoa Beach Plumbing. They're willing to help your mom fix all of her plumbing.'"

Trotter said Alex, Chris, Matt, and Ryan helped complete thousands of dollars in repairs, free of charge.

Ryan McKay with Cocoa Beach Plumbing Services said they felt called to help. Since their arrival, the team has helped restore running water to 40 homes in southeast Texas.

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"To know that you helped someone that was completely in need ... it made us proud," said McKay.

Chris Seay is the lead pastor at Ecclesia. He told ABC13 they helped coordinate plumbers with families in need. So far, Seay said they've helped 80 families and there are more on a waiting list.

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"When we started realizing there were going to be a lot of pipes burst, we knew plumbers were going to be an issue," said Seay. "I started reaching out to pastors across the country and hitting social media."

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