Florida Keys residents brace for Irma's impact

FLORIDA KEYS, Florida (KTRK) -- While some people are planning to hunker down ahead of Hurricane Irma, others in the Florida Keys said they are taking the storm seriously after watching what Houston went through.

There are two major issues for those who are wanting to leave the Keys.

First, there is water literally surrounding every road in that southern tip of Florida, with only one road of escape out of town.

The potential for flash flooding is there, and residents are taking that threat seriously.

VIDEO: Houstonians worry about family, property in Irma's path
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Houstonians are worried about family members and property in Hurricane Irma's path.

The second issue is gas shortages. As people are filling up their vehicles, some stations are finding their supply on empty days ahead of the storm.

At one McDonald's restaurant and at nearby businesses, boards can now be seen covering windows as people get out of the city.

Some said they will wait until Friday to decide whether they will leave, but it may be too late then.

The last time the Florida Keys has dealt with a storm this strong was 1935.

Meteorologists said the effects of this storm could be felt as soon as Friday.

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