Officials prepare for heavy rains that may potentially lead to flooding

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A weekend round of storms packed a quick punch to some areas.

On Highway 6 near Pine Forest, a downed tree crashed into a car carrying two women. Good Samaritans kept the ladies calm as first responders got them out safely before they were transported to the hospital.

For the next round, all eyes will be on the radar at Houston TranStar. City and county officials activated at midnight to monitor conditions.

"This is similar to the Fourth of July forecast, where it only took another two inches of rain to have all of 610 Loop and inside come to a standstill, so we'd rather be safe than sorry," Harris County Office of Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator Francisco Sanchez said.

Sanchez says transportation partners are ready to close off any roads if they need to.

"The Flood Control District has opened the outlet gates by Clear Lake to make sure water flows smoothly if that's necessary," Sanchez said.

Law enforcement agencies are ready to dispatch emergency officers if conditions worsen.

With the holiday, the Monday morning commute should be light.

Sanchez adds you should stay home, unless it's absolutely necessary to be out.

"We do recognize that some people still have to go to work. For them, we urge caution, it's dangerous to drive through the dark into high water locations because you might not see it. If you don't have to be anywhere, this is the (time) to stay home," Sanchez said.

Looking further into the week, officials are making sure any potential tropical weather doesn't catch us unprepared.

"This is going to be very wet week," Sanchez said. "This rain event, the potential for some tropical weather to come in over the next week. The challenge is once this saturates the ground tonight and tomorrow it won't take a whole lot of rain throughout the week to become problematic."

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