Moms on the move: Parents of quintuplets opens fitness studio

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Adam and Danielle Busby welcomed their all-girl set of quintuplets more than two years ago in Houston.

While managing a household with six girls and a husband, Busby managed to stay in incredible shape by working out during the girl's nap time.

"Constantly, an everyday thing is sit ups and push ups," Busby said.

She cooks with healthy substitutes like banza chickpea noodles instead of regular pasta, and even incorporates green smoothies into her diet and the quint's diets by turning their smoothies into popsicles.

"They have no idea that they are eating a popsicle full of spinach," Busby said.

With health being a top priority in the Busby family, Danielle, her husband and two other couples decided to open a fitness studio.

"Rush Cycle is a 45-minute indoor cycling class. You get a 45-minute full-body workout on a stationary bike. You're going to get a lot of cardio. You're going to do some upper body and abs, and you'll also do some weights in the class," Busby said.

But opening the studio last July has been a transition for the busy family.

"I was known as the quint mom. I always do for the house, the kids, cook, clean and change diapers all day, but nothing made me feel accomplished like my career used to," Busby added.

Now, she's know as the quint mom, wife and career woman.

"It fills the Danielle bubble, I guess. I'm still important, and I still have things that revolve around something else besides changing diapers. I encourage all moms out there to find that something to fill your bubble. What do you need for you because you do so much for everybody else," Busby said.
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