Fireworks display goes wrong, landing in Busch Stadium bleachers

ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- Fans at a Cardinals' game received more than what they bargained for during the game's fireworks show at Busch Stadium.

Captured on video fans began to scatter away from their seats after one firework went straight into the stands.

"It just seemed like it went straight up in the air and came straight down right in front us, hit a chair and some kind of rupture, right in front of us," said fan Natalie Carlson.

It appeared to be a typical display of booms over Busch Stadium, but the video captured when a firework hits the stadium lights and from there the stand catch a huge spark.

"Everybody was just shocked and I grabbed my friends and was like, 'everybody scoot back, get under something just in case it happens again," Carlson told KMOV.

Since the incident, the Cardinals staff said no injuries were reported and have been talking with the fire department about what happened.

An investigation is being conducted to make sure it does not happen again.