16 Houston firefighters to join 'fallen firefighters' memorial in Colorado

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The names of 16 Houston firefighters will be added to a memorial wall in Colorado Springs Saturday.

The wall honors fallen firefighters who died in action or from job related illnesses.

There will be 271 names added to the wall for 2017.

Here are the names of the 16 Houston firefighters to be honored:
  • Wedgeworth, Sr.

  • Francis C. Loos

  • Dennis H. Elkin

  • Wilbert J. Gaeke

  • Jim Wheeler

  • Rocco R. Rao

  • Roland J. Lawrence

  • Charles V. Musachia

  • Charles R. Carter

  • Margaret M. Roberts

  • William R. Dowling

  • Harold R. Hendricks

  • John A. Burton, Sr.

  • Leslie C. Adkins

  • Jakob L. Lawson
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