Houston Furniture Bank fire impacts hundreds of families across Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- From the residents who depend on the furniture donation center, to those who donate the items to keep it stocked, no one has been able to benefit from the Houston Furniture Bank after a fire wiped out the organization's warehouse and its trucks.

"There's a lot of us unfortunate and we survive trying to make it and trying to make ens meet," says Freddie Gregory.

He's a struggling military vet.

"When I moved in here I didn't have any real furniture," he says."

But, that all changed thanks to the Houston Furniture Bank on Hussion Street.

"I get in here and I kick back and I lean in my chair and that's it. I relax and I enjoy it and this is peace to me. They took me down to the place and let me pick my own furniture out which was a blessing and it fits so well in here. I got a bed, sofa and chair," added Gregory.

Mr. Fred was lucky enough to get his furniture before a fire ripped through the warehouse used to store donated furniture, furniture that was to go to hundreds of local families in need. The delivery trucks charred too.

"More than a quarter million people sleeping on the floor every night and how many of them are children," asked Executive Director Oli Mohammed.

He says according to fire investigators and insurance adjusters all signs point to arson.

"It's evil. Yes. Evil," he added.

The organization works with more than 80 agencies in the city to help thousands of families make their house a home.

"The families aren't supposed to pay anything for the stuff. Agencies that bring the families are the ones who pay for it," says Mohammed."

But now all operations have been halted. Mohammed has a message to the arsonist.

"The only thing that comes to mind is God Bless you," he says.

His also has a message to the community.

"We are going to rise from these ashes," added Mohammed.

If you would like to help, go to www.houstonfurniturebank.org/.
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