What can you do if your paycheck bounces?

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You count on your paycheck, but what happens when that check bounces? It happened to employees of a staffing agency and they called Action 13's Jeff Ehling.

Ashley Skolaut and Devin Bailey are both employees of Platinum Staffing, a local temp agency, and both say there are problems with their paychecks.

"First time I got paid, my check bounced and so I had to wait three or four days before I got my money," said Bailey.

Skolaut says when she called about the problem in the past, it took around a week and a half to get the funds back.

So we went to Platinum Staffing to get some answers. About an hour later, Platinum Staffing's attorney called us and promised to find out what was behind the paycheck problems.

Less than 24 hours later, Ashley Skolaut emailed saying she had been paid in full and her co-workers too.

Friday afternoon, the attorney sent us this statement:

    "Platinum Staffing attempts to ensure there are no mistakes made when issuing payroll checks, however mistakes have occurred and have been corrected immediately."

The statement goes on to say...

    "...not a single employee has not been paid in full. And any employee that had an issue with their payroll check has been fully reimbursed for any fees they were charged."

As for the cause of the trouble, Platinum's attorney told us, "Platinum Staffing has recently opened up several new bank accounts with different banking institutions to combat theft. Platinum Staffing had checks stolen and funds withdrawn from their bank account fraudulently."

So what if this happens to you? The Texas Workforce Commission gives you 180 days to file a claim about paycheck problems. Here's a link with information that walks you through the process. null
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