What are the best credit cards for families?

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Your family wins with these credit cards offering cash back and discounts on things you buy every day. (KTRK)

Holiday travel and shopping can take a big bite out of your budget, but the right credit card can take the sting out of all that spending for your family.

If you use the right cards with the right rewards programs, you can save big. But, with more than 90 rewards programs out there, which cards should you choose?

Consumer Reports says two cards are recommended for you.

The first is the Bank of America Rewards Card, which offers three percent cash back on groceries, two percent cash back on gas, and a $100 bonus if you charge $500 to the card in the first three months.

The second is the Double Cash Back Citi Card is another great option. With this card, you will get back two percent cash back on all purchases.

If you get them both, you will net about $650 over three years.

Families that charge a lot on a monthly basis, let's say $2,500 to $3,000, may be better off with a reward card that offers more cash back.

The AmEx Blue gives you six percent cash back on groceries, three percent cash back on gasoline. Meanwhile, the Capital One Venture card is good for everything else and you get two mileage points for every dollar charged.

With this combo, you can get more than $3,500 in rewards over three years.

To get the maximum, keep in mind that the credit cards have to be paid in full each month or the interest and fees will eat away at your savings.

Of course, before applying for any cards, creditors will see inquiries for new credit. So you need to look at your credit score before applying for any new cards.
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