Uncle Sam isn't the only one after your money

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Scammers are pretending to be the IRS, calling people and threatening them into paying up or facing jail time

Rufus Green's call history says it all: Three calls from the same number, all within 10 minutes.

"It sounded of a foreign accent. The gentleman called and told me I owed the government, I owed the IRS," he said.

Green says the caller quickly became threatening.

"Then he told me that if I didn't pay up, that I was going to be arrested and I need to contact a legal lawyer," he said.

Being a former police officer himself, Green did not believe the caller and hung up. It was wise move, according to CPA Bob Martin.

"What's happening is that they're becoming more aggressive, and more convincing," Martin said.

Martin says consumers need to stay alert if they receive similar phone calls.

"Most of these scammers use methods that the IRS would not use," he said.

Martin tells us the IRS will never call you directly and ask for payment right there on the spot.

"If you have never received any paperwork from the IRS at your last address saying that you owe taxes, and these people are claiming you do owe taxes, you probably don't," Martin said.

Martin says scammers will also threaten to get local law enforcement to show up at your door. He says the IRS does not operate that way, and have their own procedures in place to officially collect if you owe.

Another red flag?

"They want your credit card numbers. They want you to do a wire transfer out of your accounts. The IRS doesn't do that," Martin said.

When we called the number left behind on the Green's caller ID, it was already disconnected. These scammers move quickly and that's why they are hard to catch.

Remember the IRS says if someone calls you claiming you owe money, don't fall for it.
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