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Take a look at tips to start your own business. (KTRK)

Have you ever thought about quitting your day job and starting your own business but you've been too afraid to actually take the plunge? Well, Accel Lifestyle Fitness Apparel Owner Megan Eddings says it's worth the risk, as long as you have a plan.

Last year, Eddings made the big announcement about her career change.

"I started posting on social media about quitting my corporate job and starting my own business, and I started getting messages on Facebook, Instagram, etc., of all these women who wanted to meet with me and learn how I got started," Eddings recalled.

When so many women started asking for help, she knew she needed to create a list of steps for them.

Her first tip: research the idea.

"Almost every idea that someone comes up with already exists today. It's important to come up with that niche market and know your company will fit into that," Eddings explained.

Eddings' business, Accel Lifestyle, was born after she researched and created the first socially conscious fitness apparel brand where the fabric never smells.

Next, Eddings said to use free resources available to entrepreneurs.

"There's Liftoff Houston hosted by the City of Houston. There's the SBA, a small business association, there's SCORE -- that's all mentors that provide free services to new entrepreneurs here in Houston," Eddings explained.

"Every entrepreneur needs a business plan. SCORE will actually help you from beginning to end with the marketing, financials, and it's free. Places like this are also great for networking, as well as if you need a loan from the SBA," she added.

Next, Eddings said to have a plan and not just a long-term plan.

"It's important to focus on the next week, the next month. For example, because now I'm not launching until next year, I'm focusing on my social media presence, building my brand, and getting my product made and my samples made and tested all at the same time," Eddings explained.

Finally, remember why you started, especially when times get tough.

"Me, personally, I started because I like to help people, empower people and give them love and let them to know they can do whatever they put their mind to," said Eddings.

So as part of Accel Lifestyle, she started her give back element #AccelinMotion.

"All you have to do is write a card of love and encouragement giving a complete stranger a few words of 'I support you. You're doing a great job.' And I usually put on people's cars...those small words can do so much for someone's day," said Eddings.

Another important step to starting your own business is raising capital. Eddings will talk about that and more of her tips at her seminar.
WHEN: Thursday, October 26 at 5:45 p.m. to 8 p.m.
WHERE: Level Office Scanlan Building
405 Main Street, 7th Floor
Houston, TX 77002

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