How to create your own Texans gear

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Patricia Lopez has how you can create your own Texans gear

Pippa Williams and Jen-Meneely of say you can create your own Texans gear to wear to the big game!

Here's an easy tutorial:

1. Make sure you have all the products you need before you start the project: pencil, printed stencils or stickers to use for outlines, paint and brushes.

2. Practice on paper before you start onto your project

3. Use the seams on the shoes or garment as your guideline.

4. Start simple and then you can add to it.

5. The biggest effort in all of this is your time -- painting within the lines is harder than you think! Use fabric pens to outline and give crisp, definitive lines.

6. Remember you can all always paint over your mistakes and start over.
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