Grandma knows best? Timeless advice that could help you save money

Sometimes the best advice is something you've heard from your grandparents or great-grandparents.

Here are five ways people saved money during the Depression that still work today.

First, clean as cheaply as you can. People in the Depression used vinegar and baking soda. Those items are excellent low-cost cleaners.

Second, reuse aluminum foil. Just wash it off and store it. You can also use it to clean your baking dishes instead of steel wool.

Third, use cornmeal to get grease or oil out of fabric or carpet. Cornmeal is going to take longer than other carpet cleaners or stain removers.

It usually takes at least two hours before cornmeal will absorb most of the grease and you can vacuum it.

If you have copper, clean it with ketchup, not fancy cleaning products. The acid in ketchup can shine copper well.

Finally, run errands for people. Back in the day, people were messengers.

These days, sign up to be someone's right-hand through an app like TaskRabbit.
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