Need to do a stakeout? Bid on this van used by the FBI

CARY, North Carolina (KTRK) -- You have until this afternoon to put in your bid on an old-school FBI surveillance van that is tricked out with working equipment used before in major stakeouts.

According to an eBay posting, a 1989 Dodge Ram 350 that has had one owner, low mileage and no issues is up for bids.

Aside from the working condition of the vehicle, the posting says the van was used by an FBI surveillance crew. There are two LCD screens, two DVD players, video recorders, an intercom, small, low-profile cameras in spots around the vehicle, extra batteries, and a toilet.

You can also turn on and off the engine from the back.

The seller is also throwing in documents and notebooks that detail a previous surveillance operation by the FBI.

WNCN reported the auction started at $15 last Monday. Heading into the closing hours of the auction, five-figure bids have been placed.

The seller originally found the vehicle on sale on a government auction website while looking for a work truck. He has not yet contacted the FBI about the van.

"[It has] everything you need to get the investigation done," seller Ginger Senfeldas says.

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