Father charged after 5-week-old daughter overdosed on cocaine

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- A baby came close to dying after overdosing on cocaine.

Prosecutors say Versean Anderson faces a felony charge of neglecting a child after his 5-week-old baby girl overdosed on drugs.

On May 6, investigators say the child's mother left the baby in Anderson's care.

Anderson allegedly told police that he purchased cocaine with a friend, and they cleaned their syringes with a gallon of "baby water" laying on the kitchen table.

Police say the child's mother unknowingly used the baby water to make the infant's bottle.

When the mother got home, prosecutors say the little girl had trouble breathing, so the mother took her to the hospital in a cab.

While at the hospital, the baby was given two doses of Narcan to counter the effects of an overdose.

"It's certainly very sad, but it's not something we aren't used to," Dr.Mark Kostic said. "The smallest dose would be innocuous to an adult, but could be quite dangerous to a newborn."

The baby's condition is not known. Anderson has pleaded not guilty to his charge.
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