Tired dad creates baby bottle that warms and cools more quickly

A father's need to feed his three-month-old baby led to the invention of a baby bottle that warms breast milk more quickly.

Ayal Lanternari designed the bottle with his best friend, Asaf Kehat.

Both are biomedical engineers.

Lanternari got the idea one night when he was warming up breast milk for his child, a process that normally takes 10 minutes or longer.

He was exhausted, and thought there had to be a better way.

He envisioned a round bottle that would spread breast milk into a thinner layer to allow for faster warming.

Lanternari and Kehat launched their company "Nanobébé" in 2013, and unveiled their product in February.

Lanternari says the bottle cuts the milk's warming time by more than half, and also cools breast milk twice as fast as a conventional bottle.