Where to get back-to-work thrift finds for as little as $2

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- After I shared some of my go-to stores where I find clothes to look fashionable on a budget, an ABC13 viewer reached out to me.

For nine years, Michelle Long was a stay-at-home mom. After going through a divorce, it was time for her to find a job.

"I sent my resume to so many places, and I didn't get any phone calls. So the very first job that was offered to me was in a kitchen at Stripes," said Long, who is now a legal assistant.

For seven months, Long worked at Stripes, continuing to out send her resume, until finally, she got the blessing of a lifetime.

"My lawyer who helped me through the divorce wanted to see my resume, and she hired me. It's just been kind of tough because I lost a lot of weight during that time," said Long.

Shopping at Ross Dress for Less and thrift stores are ways Long likes to stay fashionable on a budget.

With the help of bloggers Pippa Williams and Jen McNeely of Too Cheap Blondes, we were able to find multiple professional outfits for Long to try on.

"We looked for basic pieces, but also kept it to a color palette, black, white, gray. Eventually, she can incorporate colors," Williams explained.

Williams and McNeely suggest sticking to a color palette to easily make more outfits.

Long found a dress that was $2. We layered it with a white blazer for $12.51, and now she's ready for the courtroom.

For a fun day out of the office, we found pants, a tank and blouse for less than $15.

Long walked away with at least four outfits for $16 each.

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