Stretch your wardrobe during pregnancy

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- If you are expecting a baby or it is in your plans for 2015, you don't have to spend money on a whole new wardrobe.

Expectant mother Lisa Goe is an interior designer and fashion expert who said she would rather splurge on her baby than her pregnancy clothes.

The end of the first trimester is an in-between stage, so Goe says choose tops or dresses that are roomy and help conceal the baby. At that stage, women don't look pregnant yet.

"I just think it's a pooch and you don't really want to show it off," Goe said. "I just recommend using the clothes you already have - the loose flowy shirts that are in style, the dresses, empire waist."

In the second trimester your belly really starts to expand.

"Start purchasing the key items that you will be wearing throughout your pregnancy," Goe said.

She says this is where undergarments can help provide a good foundation. Some of her must-haves are two new bras - one should be a full size bigger than your pre-pregnancy size and the other is a good sports bra with room to grow. She likes one from Target that sells for $20.99, and after the baby is born it can double as a nursing bra.

Another investment piece is maternity leggings in black.

"Black is your best friend, and it's something I have done my whole pregnancy," Goe said.

Old Navy has great reviews on their maternity full-panel jersey leggings for just $12.

Goe wanted to avoid splurging on maternity jeans and trousers, so she purchased the Belly Belt Combo Kit for $19.95. The belly belt attaches to existing pants and connects them while creating more room. The kit comes with four extenders.

"They stay up the entire time," Goe said.

When it comes to blouses and knits, Goe avoided the maternity stores again. She purchased shirt dresses and longer knits so she can layer over leggings. In some cases, her dresses became tops to accommodate her growing belly.

"Your stomach is going to grow so you need to get a shirt that hits mid -thigh," Goe said.

Finally, when you are accessorizing, a long scarf can draw the eye up.
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