Stranger rescues Rebecca Spera from wardrobe malfunction

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Rebecca Spera talks about her wardrobe malfunction.

I've had my share of embarrassing moments, that's for sure. In fact, sometimes I think I have more than most -- but today's embarrassing moment tops the list. I bought a dress of the pre-owned clothing site Poshmark. I've purchased from them several times, and I have been really happy. I got this gorgeous black dress in the mail, and I sent it to the dry cleaners like I normally do.

Today, I tried it on. It was a little big, but I really liked it, so I decided to wear it!

This is where the story goes south.

I walked into a public place this morning. I had never been there, and I was confused as to where to go. I was waiting for someone, and I was probably only there two minutes, but in hindsight, those two minutes feels like an eternity. A gentlemen tapped me on the shoulder, and he whispered to me, "Ma'am, I hate to tell you this, but you have a slit in your dress and everyone can see your bare bottom."

WHAT?! I was as equally grateful that he spoke up as I was mortified, but WHAT?! Everyone can see my behind on the day I chose to skip the Spanx until before the newscast! Thankfully, I was still wearing underwear.

I looked at him, thanked him and glanced around the restaurant and saw a few women staring and laughing. I ran out of the building covering my backside and didn't go back. I have never been more embarrassed!

I can laugh at myself, and I certainly am! This is funny, and it's a funny story, but in the moment, I felt like the few women I saw looking and chuckling were mean girls and was upset that it took a man to put himself in an uncomfortable position to tell me about my fashion faux pas.

I still feel badly for that man having to tell me that I had a slit in my skirt, but I honestly think the women were probably trying to figure out who was going to be the bearer of this news, but it took too long!

That said, do you help a stranger out or don't you? I've always tried to be the one to help someone who doesn't realize they're going through something embarrassing, and now I'm going to do it every time.

To the gentleman this morning who saved me from even more embarrassment, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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