More women now going for eyebrow extensions

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Lauren Glassberg has a look at the latest trend towards eyebrow extensions for women.

For years, women have been going to salons to get eyelash extensions, but the latest trend is taking that same concept and applying it to eyebrows.

Plucked, waxed, tweezed, threaded..women are always trying to perfect their brows. But now, the bigger the brow the better.

So how do you get that if your eyebrows are barely there?

"This is the year of the brow..bushy, fluffy eyebrows are in, long brows are in," said Linda Howard of the Townhouse Spa.

And never fear. Even if you plucked and tweezed, you can still get a trendy, bold brow with extensions.

Linda Howard has for years done eyelash extensions, but now she says people are calling the Townhouse Spa for bigger, bushier eyebrows.

"As we age we start thinning out a little bit," she said. "It's usually the tail that most people lose."

So she meticulously applies individual hairs. She first dabs them in glue and then presses each hair right onto the skin. Each brow takes about 45 minutes.

"They're coming in and saying, give me youth, and this gives them youth," said Linda.

Jackie May had her brows done for her wedding last year and she's back again.

"As I've gotten older they've gotten thinner. I tried to do it with makeup but it just doesn't work," she said.

At Blink Brow Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue, they call the process Build a Brow.

"We tint them first and we shape them up with the threading a little bit," said Sabah Feroz of Blink Brow Bar. And then individuals silk hairs are applied with glue.

"It takes about 24 hours for the brows to set in, so you do have to be super careful washing your face, rubbing your eyebrows," said Sabah.

Half set or full set, infills in between.

"We have this thing where we don't let them see the mirror, we take a picture and at the end we just want to see their reaction. Honestly they can't stop looking at themselves," Feroz said.

Which is exactly what happened with Chung Yu, who started with pretty sparse, thin brows, and then.."Oh my God, I've got eyebrows, they look great..thank you," she said.

At Townhouse Spa the brows start at $95, and go up to $300 depending on how full you want to go.

At Blink Brow Bar half brows go for $60, full is $170. and men are having this done too, for scars to cover those nicks in their eyebrows.
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