Make your old boots Rodeo ready for cheap

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- You don't have to spend big bucks to get a new pair of boots for Rodeo season. With a small amount of money, what's old can soon be new again.

Getting a quality pair of boots can be costly, but if you've invested in them once, they can last you forever. Take the old and beat up pair from the back of the closet or find a gem at the thrift store and consider renewing them.

Thrift store fashion bloggers Pippa Williams and Jenn Meneely say on their website Too Cheap Blondes that anyone can turn trash into treasure.

They went shopping at the Family Thrift Store in southwest Houston and found several pairs of boots that can easily be made Rodeo ready.

"The boots you will find here run the gamut from Nine West to custom boots," Meneely said.

Before you discount that diamond in the rough, do your research.

"Maybe you're not sure the value of your boots. A good idea is to take your phone, go to Google, and do a search. See what the value is. See if it's worth your time and money," Williams said.

They picked up two pairs of boots for $2 each and took them to Al's Handmade Boots and Repair Shop on Fannin to have them reconditioned.

"If it has a leather sole and leather heel base, it's worth it to repair it," said boot shop owner Al Rivera.

Unfortunately, one of the pairs we brought him had rubber soles.

"These boots cannot be repaired if the heel wears out and sole wears out. But we can clean it and condition it, and it will be $12," Rivera said.

The second pair was our best buy because they met Rivera's leather sole and heel test.

"We need to glue the sole protector, refinish the edge, clean and condition, and hand wax. That is $22," Rivera said.

We left the boots with him and in 24 hours, returned to pick them up.

Our rubber soled pair, while not re-soled, look refreshed and perfect for a casual Rodeo goer, for a total cost of $14.

The pair that was re-soled were cleaned and buffed to perfection. They look and feel like a brand new pair, but they'll get you back in the saddle for just $24.
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