How to do Hollywood hairstyles at home

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The Oscars are right around the corner on ABC-13, and all eyes will be on the red carpet looks.

The experts at The Upper Hand Salon recreated some of the easier up-dos that you can pull off for special events or everyday wear.

"Most people assume that these up-dos are very complicated and too difficult to do at home, but the truth with a few key items and you can do this at home and it's very inexpensive," said The Upper Hand Salon owner Rachel Gower.

Kate Beckinsale's Princess Bun
What you need:
Hair Elastic, Bun Maker ($4), a few bobby pins, hair spray, teasing brush/comb
1. To create this look, start with second day hair that has been detangled
2. Pull your hair into a high pony tail and tease the sides of your hair and the crown.
3. Pull your pony tail through the middle of the bun maker into three sections and then tease.
4. Take the first section and wrap around the bun maker pinning it. Do the same for the second and third sections.
5. Finish with hairspray.

Kate Mara's Up-do
The perfect look that works for anyone with a bob on the red carpet or in the car pool line
What you need:
Teasing brush/comb, a couple of bobbi pins, hairspray.
1. To create this look, tease the hair and then smooth it back.
2. Section your hair into two sections, right across the back of your head, right above the nape of the neck.
3. Twist each section and secure with a bobby pin by overlapping one section over the other.

Kate Hudson's Low Messy Bun
What you need:
Pin Curls, Hair Elastic, Hair Spray
1. Tease your hair and pull it back into a pony tail
2. Start twisting your hair and wrap it around itself, securing with bobby pins.
3. Go back and hide the pins and make the bun look a little messy.

Lorde's Long, Low Pony
This long sleek pony looks extra elegant just by adding a quick accessory. Make your own with an inexpensive piece of elastic from the fabric store and Velcro.
What you need:
Hair Elastic, Hair Spray, Shine Spray,Elastic from fabric store, Velcro.
1. To create this look, start by smoothing the hair completely
2. Cut your elastic long enough to wrap around the pony tail about 5 times.
3. Apply 2 pieces of self adhesive Velcro on one end of your elastic.
4. Apply the other 2 pieces of Velcro at the other end of the Velcro on the flip side.
5. Wrap and secure with Velcro.

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