Grooming secrets men won't tell you

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Barbershops hold the secrets to men's hidden beauty routines. (KTRK)

We all have imperfections, but some of us try to hide them and men are no exception.

There are some secret grooming trends for men that may shock you.

ABC13 stopped by the New Looks Barbershop in southwest Houston to get the low down on the rumored trends.

We asked the men if they used black eyeliner to color grey hair in their beards.

"I've used the black pencil, yeah I did," said owner Darren Scott. "You've got to highlight your attributes and hopefully your wife won't catch you."

What about concealer to hide blemishes?

"They get a little makeup and blot it," said Scott. "(Customers) blot it because I've shaved some men's faces and they have a little makeup on it."

The men said they'd never seen an electric back shaver before and they said they've never worn Spanx for men, either.

There was one grooming secret that most of the men admitted to using, Toppik hair filler. It's spray-on hair fibers to hide thinning hair.

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