Five steps to beach waves

We all want to look and feel our best. Each week, we're sharing five tips, five items, five products, five ingredients, five steps, five minutes to a more fabulous you, which is why we call it Five to Fab!

To me, wavy hair screams springtime. I love the look of soft wavy strands, and for 2016, it isn't as messy as it has looked in the past. Now, we're seeing more of a sleek wave. Michelle Vance with The Upper Hand Salon says we can get the look in five steps, and while it takes more than five minutes, it should last for up to three days.

1. First, add heat resistant spray throughout the hair.
2. Next, section the hair into three to four sections and clip up.
3. Starting with the bottom section, grab a one-inch piece, wrap the hair around the curling iron wand away from the face. Continue section to section, and when you get to the top section, start the curls around eye-level.

4. After the curls are complete, brush them out and grab a comb or teasing brush to tease in the ridges between each curl. It just take a little tease in the upward direction.
5. Finish it off by using hairspray all over.