Do-It-Yourself designer summer sandals

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Summertime means sandals and flip flops, but instead of buying a new pair, try taking an old pair and transforming them

Flip flops are a summer staple so with the help of do it your-selfer Cecilia Kerr, we created some easy, budget friendly sandals.

All you'll need is some flip flops, crafting tools and supplies such as fabric, leather string and hot glue. She highly recommends a pair of sewing scissors to make the project go smoothly.

Here are the supplies you would need for the Faux Gladiators:

- DIY sandal loops
- leather lacing, length to taste
- thread through toe loop
- double knot, twice
- to lace up: twist after each wrap so it stays up. Tie in the back. Still slipping?
- wear and be fab!

For more tips on making sandals without spending big bucks, CLICK HERE .

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