Handle fashion faux pas like a pro

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There's nothing worse than getting all dressed up, looking in the mirror, and realizing your holiday outfit looks like a dud because of a fashion faux pas. Well, Houstonian Haven Benoit is a busy working mom who has always been problem-solver at heart.

"Every time something comes up, I'm scanning the room looking for something to fix it," says Benoit.

She's on the go with little time, and she shops on a budget, but she never wants to look like it, so when something goes wrong with her outfit, she finds a quick fix.

For hanger marks on her shirts, Benoit grabs some water and pats it on the shirt.

"It will dry really quick and you won't have those knots on your clothes," says Benoit.

For sweaters with pilling, she grabs a razor and shaves off all the pilling.

If your necklace is broken or you want to alter the length, grab a safety pin and pin the necklace.

Benoit has also found some products she loves along the way.

"There's nothing worse than getting all dressed up for a party, and you look in the mirror, and you have deodorant stains all down the sides of you," says Benoit.

She uses Blue No. 7 Deodorant Remover Sponge for that emergency.

For a ring that's too big, Benoit uses the Blinguard Bling Wraps that go on the finger - not the ring!

But the one problem she couldn't find a solution for she had to come up with herself.

"You're walking down the street, you step in cracks, and it really messes up that heel," explains Benoit.

She was sick of using a Sharpie to fill in the scuff marks, and really, it looked sloppy, so she created the Heel Candy Wrap.

"The wraps are very easy to use. They're cut in a template shape that fits about 85% of the shoes out there," says Benoit.

Most heels are curved, straight or angled, so she has three different types of wraps for each type of heel. Grab a hair dryer, file, and scissors, and wrap the heel within minutes.

"It's a product that can really refresh the look and make it look new again," adds Benoit.

The Heel Candy Wraps come in different solid colors and prints. A pack includes four wraps and they're $15.
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