Family's house burns down months after flooding during Harvey

ANGLETON, Texas (KTRK) -- First came the water, fast forward three months to Thanksgiving Eve, then came the fire.

"It's more of a shock factor and it comes in waves. You remember something that isn't replaceable that you lost," said homeowner Cheree Van Horn.

The first floor of the Van Horn's home in Angleton flooded during Harvey. They were on their way to recovery, just one more step before moving back in.

"We had the carpet left and we were done," said Michael Van Horn.

Wednesday's fire damaged the bottom floor. Michael walked through what was left, taking pictures with his phone. They saved a few things upstairs, but Friday morning, it reignited.

"I reached over and said Michael our house caught on fire again and he's like no way, and I'm like, yes way," said Cheree.

The second fire wiped out the rest of what was left.

"I lost grandmother's necklaces and it's just those little things that hit you and it's hard to get through," said Cheree.

"Everything is just like it is now a pile on a concrete slab," said Michael.

The Beechwood community is one where neighbors help neighbors. The neighborhood was underwater during Harvey. While Michael is humble when asked about it, neighbors say he went without sleep for days, saving people, belongings and sandbagging around homes.

"Good things happen to good people. I've always been a firm believer in that and what he did for this community and subdivision is beyond a good deed," said neighbor Earl Willis.

This Thanksgiving weekend neighbors are determined to get this family back on their feet, planning fundraisers as a way of giving. The family of three says they are still saying thanks.

"Just to be thankful for our lives and know even though we lost things we have the memories and we can make new memories somewhere else because we still have each other," said Cheree.

"I know we're going to have a strong marriage. I look back on it one day and it will just be a memory and I won't get sad any more. It will just be another thing that happened in our lives just like the flood," said Michael.

Neighbors are planning community fundraisers and have started a crowd funding page. If you'd like to help, click here.

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