West Houston business 'Float Baby' featured on Shark Tank

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A west Houston business will be featured on ABC's Shark Tank tonight.

It's called Float Baby. Yes - a spa for babies.

"Every day I have a new idea for a new business, you can ask any of my friends," laughed Kristi Ison.

Ison opened Float Baby three years ago. She's a mother, whose child once had trouble sleeping. She says spas have always relaxed her, so she decided to try it on her child.

"The babies immediately enjoy the sensation of having all this freedom," Ison explained. "It takes them back to where they were nine months ago.'

The babies bob around a warm pool. Then, they get oil messages. Parents are required to attend.

Group sessions will run you $55. Go to www.floatbabies.com for more information.
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