Mom tries to put her twins to bed in hilarious time-lapse

Putting young children to bed has always given parents grief since the inception of "bedtime," but this time-lapse of a mother putting her twin toddlers to bed is so frustratingly futile, it's farce.

Henriette Jonassen, the Norwegian mom of 3-year-old twins, Leon and Nathaniel, displays her Zen-like patience as she struggles to break her children into a summer sleep schedule. As she puts one to bed, the other pops up, opens the door and escapes. When she puts that one back, the other is already up and dancing in the hallway, believing it all to be a game. Jonassen, knowing full well that the new schedule change for the tots would be a nightmarish chore, she filmed the whole ordeal to share with her friends and family on Facebook.

After the video became a viral hit, Johnassen wrote on her blog that she was being flooded with comments, ranging from joy and encouragement to harsh criticism and accusations. Many of the negative comments encouraged Jonassen to implement corporal punishment, which is outlawed in Norway, citing the lack of physical discipline has caused the children to become attention-seekers.

Jonassen, however, disagrees and attributes the toddlers' behavior to having to be put to bed in the middle of the day during the Norwegian summer, when dusk may fall as late as 10:00 PM.

Any advice on how to put these tots to bed? Let us know in the comments below.

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