Twins give birth within hours of each other

LA CROSSE, WS (KTRK) -- If you ask a twin, they'll tell you they can share a lot, from looks to personalities to the uncanny way they can connect with each other better than anyone else in the world.

And yet, the story of two twins who gave birth within hours of each other is so unique, it has many people talking, WKBT-TV reports.

Angel Owen and Kaye Henn were scheduled to give birth two weeks apart, but on October 11, that all changed when Kaye began having contractions.

Angel and her family went to visit Kaye, who was going into labor. That is when something strange happened, says Angie Marcou, the twins' mother.

"I'm sitting on the couch with Angel and she is sitting there and squeezing my hand and pulling my hand," Marcou said.

Hours after leaving the hospital, Angel began experiencing contractions. She said she wanted to wait so she wouldn't overshadow Kaye's special day, but the contractions grew stronger until she was forced to head to the hospital herself.

Angel gave birth to her baby boy Cruze around 5pm.

Kaye, however, was in labor for nearly 24 hours. Around 1:35am, Kaye delivered her daughter Elena only eight hours apart from her sister.

An interesting dimension to all this: Their mother, Angie, predicted the twins would deliver on the same day.

"All the way through their pregnancy I told them," said Marcou. "The thing is when they first found out they were pregnant, I told them, yeah they are going to have twins and they are going to have them on the same day."

Close, Angie. Close.
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