Clear Lake surrogate who's had 6 children for other families becomes delivery nurse

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Clear Lake nurse is using her surrogacy experience to help expecting mothers.

"I have two kids of my own, and I've had six surrogate babies for other families," explained Lisa Jones.

Jones is now a labor and delivery nurse at HCA Healthcare in Clear Lake.

But, in her first career, she was a surrogate mother who carried babies for other families unable to do so.

"It's a niche for people who are able to have a global picture of what they're doing," said Jones. "I really didn't get attached to the kids, I got attached to the family."

Jones is still close to every family she's worked with. Although she was paid for her services, she insists the money wasn't a motivating factor.

"It comes out to be a dollar or so an hour," said Jones. "So, when you think about the process in general, and everything you have to go through as a surrogate, all the medications, all the injections, all the doctor visits, all the interruption to your own life, it is not worth the money at all. You have to do it because you have a big heart, and you want to help families."

When Jones retired from surrogacy, she knew she wanted to keep working in the fertility field.

Now, as a nurse, she continues bringing new life into the world.

"In the end, it's so beautiful seeing a family come together that otherwise would not have been there without everyone's love and care," she said. "It's beyond words. It's amazing."

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