Stay safe from hidden dangers around the water

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With families and children seeking relief from the heat, many turn to pools or beaches. Aside from heat related illnesses, water dangers are often forgotten.

There are five main hidden dangers of the water you need to keep an eye out for while having fun.

-Make sure pools have their yearly inspections, and know where all electrical boxes are in relation to the pool.

-Children get into everything, so make sure harmful chemicals like chlorine tabs, shock powder and hydrochloric acid are out of reach.

-UV rays can cause harmful burns and sometimes lead to other illnesses. Apply sunscreen with SPF power of 30 or more, every two hours.

-Rip currents are powerful channeled currents of water flowing away from the shore. If pulled in, DO NOT FIGHT. Go with the flow and swim along the shore until you are out of the current.

-All jellyfish sting, however, some venoms are not harmful to humans. If stung, DO NOT rinse with water, as this could make matters worse. Rinse the affected with vinegar or apply baking soda paste.

-Litter can be found along Texas beaches and lakes but it can often be found in the water as well. If cut by a piece of debris, tend to the wound immediately.

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