Sisters surprise each other with pregnancy news

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Tara Brough thought she was just recording her sister's reaction to her pregnancy news. Little did she know Carly had news, too... (Broughington/YouTube)

Tara Brough thought she was recording her sister's reaction to Tara's pregnancy news. Little did Tara know her sister had some news, too.

Tara, who blogs about her family and creates lifestyle videos on her YouTube channel, thought it would be cute to create a video of the classic "bun in the oven" baby reveal. So Tara and her husband, Zach, were ready with the camera as they shared the news with Tara's older sister, Carly Walton, and her husband, Mike.

"I kind of knew that she suspected us to be pregnant," Tara told ABC of her expectations for the video.

When the Broughs confirmed they were expecting, there were smiles and congratulations all around. This will be the Broughs' third child.

But Carly, who's never had a baby, also had some news. The video cuts to later on, when Carly is holding Tara's sonogram. She gives a significant look towards the camera as Tara continues to talk about her doctor's appointment.

Finally Carly approaches Tara while making a casual comment about her own doctor's appointment, implying she is also pregnant.

Tara reacts with shock and pure joy, jumping up and down and screaming: "No way. No way!"

"I think they were expecting this kind of news from us. But I wasn't expecting her announcement at all!" Tara reflected.

The babies are due less than two weeks apart early next year, and Tara said she's looking forward to the pregnancies and to raising the kids together.

"It's so fun to be pregnant with someone like a sister or best friend because it such a unique experience that is hard for others to really appreciate or understand," she said. "We know these two kids will have a wonderful relationship and we're excited for them to have a cousin to grow up together with."
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