She couldn't wait: Soldier dad breaks ranks to hug daughter at homecoming

FORT CARSON, CO (KTRK) -- A little girl who saw her daddy during an Army homecoming ceremony just couldn't wait to hug him-so she didn't.

Karis Oglesby, 2, was caught on camera as she ran towards the soldier formation in Fort Carson, Colorado and embraced First Lt. Daniel Oglesby tightly.

"Cara, she made eye contact with me in the crowd and decided she wanted to say hello a little early so she ran up and gave me a big hug and I just returned the hug back to her," Oglesby told KXRM-TV. "I was trying to decide whether or not it was good practice to break formation, but I didn't have the heart in me to not give my little baby a hug, so I had to go ahead and bend over and give her a hug and kiss on the forehead."

He hugged her before coaxing her back to her seat with the family.

Karis hadn't seen her dad in eight long months.

His return is just in time, too. Karis celebrates her third birthday today.
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