Baby girl born in Brooklyn hospital parking lot

BROOKLYN, NY -- A pregnant mom rushed to the hospital, except she didn't quite make it to the delivery room.

Exclusive video shows nurses tending to the new mother in the parking lot of Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn.

"I've seen stuff like this in the movies, but I didn't think nothing like this would ever happen," said Tayshaunia Fason, mother.

It was a first for Fason and Kevin Saint Louis.

"I popped the seat back and she fell back flat and you could see it coming out," said Saint Louis, of Brookdale Hospital.

The beautiful little girl, Kali, was determined to enter this world when and where she wanted.

Exclusive video shows a nurse in green scrubs holding Kali just seconds after she was born. Fason was lying on the stretcher inside Brookdale Hospital.

This adventure all started at the Cypress Hills Houses.

The mother of two wasn't due until Feb 17th. But February 7th around 11 at night, she felt what she thought was gas and went to sleep.

But by 5 the next morning, her contractions were about 10 minutes apart.

"I'm like, 'What is this? It feels like something is pushing down,'" Fason said.

She was right, it was Kali!

The 28-year-old's water then broke and her sister knew they had to move fast, ran out of their house, and her sister started driving to the nearest hospital.

Fason was sitting in the front seat with her contractions one minute apart.

"This baby is coming right now; she's like, 'You for real?' I'm like, 'I'm for real, this baby is coming.' She's like, 'Oh my God, oh my God,'" Fason said.

Things really kicked into high gear when Fason got here to the back entrance of Brookdale and crossed paths with Saint Louis, he works in building services, not labor and delivery.

"It was a blessing that somebody was there and it happened to be me," Saint Louis said.

Saint Louis was outside along with two other perfect strangers, and the trio rushed to help.

"At this point I already pushed the baby out, I already hear her crying so I'm like this, sitting up, I can't sit on her now, she's coming. The lady is looking at me, like, she's in the seat, I'm like, this is crazy," Fason said.
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