Restaurant in Italy rewards family for kids' good behavior

PADUA, Italy (KTRK) -- Food on the floor, screaming and crying... If you're a parent or have ever been at a restaurant with children present, you know that can be an unwelcome part of the experience.

But some people have children who actually behave pretty well while dining out. Believe it or not, a customer's experience doesn't have to include a child whining about wanting juice instead of milk.

Those families should be rewarded in some way, right?

That was the case for a family of 11 at a restaurant in Italy.

Antonio Ferrari owns a restaurant in Padua. He shared a photo on Facebook on Feb. 12 of the family's dining receipt. Ferrari highlighted the words, "Sconto bimbi educati," which translates into "children discount," according to Google translator. He told an Italian news site that the children were between the ages of four and six.

"It happens so rarely," he wrote.

Ferrari gave the family a 5 percent discount off their meal. Doesn't sound like much, but the point is rewarding for good behavior.

He said that he actually got the idea from a restaurant in Miami.

What do you think of the idea? Should restaurants give families discounts for their children's good behavior? Comment on the ABC13 Houston Facebook page and tell us what you think or take our Twitter poll below.

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